These pages were created to showcase the risqué graphic art that I create.

I have enjoyed drawing since the age of 5 (and drawing the female form since I started!).   I work in a variety of media from pen & ink, watercolours, dyes, airbrush, and digital media.  What follows are images from past projects and some sketches from favorite images.  I threw in some colour images for you folks that find black & white too boring.  Most recently I have been focusing on simple images that attempt to convey the power, beauty, and timeless appeal of women.     I have been inspired by a wide variety of artists & resources such as...

  • Mahlon Blaine
  • Eric Stanton
  • Eric Kroll
  • Elmer Batters
  • Brom
  • Olivia
  • Gustav Klimt
  • Coles Phillips
  • Maxfield Parrish
  • Alberto Varga
  • Petty
  • Zoe Mözert
  • Allen Jones
  • John Willie
  • Robert Bishop
  • Mapplethorpe
  • Cruel & Cool Shoes
  • Irving Klaw
  • Michael Manning
  • Jaap van Deijk 's Index
  • Saudelli
  • Helmut Newton
  • Man Ray
  • Forniphilia
  • Mel Ramos
  • Alice in Rubberland
  • Nancy Grossman
  • Virgil Finlay
  • Hajime Sorayama
  • Namio Harukawa
  • Patrick Nagle
  • Jeanloup Sieff
  • Figure Drawing
  • Housk Randall
  • Peter Gowland
  • Busby Berkeley
  • Aubrey Beardsley
  • Fritz Willis
  • Andrew Loomis
  • Bud Plant
  • Yoshitaka Amano
  • Jean Paul Gaultier
  • Bill Ward
  • Shuz Magazine
  • Gene Bilbrew

  • Sardax!
  • And hundreds of “Anonymous” artists 

    A great blog to read is
    GlowInside with a nice review of my work


    Thanks to the WWW, Taschen, Bud Plant, Tumblr, & E-Bay  we can enjoy unprecedented access to  many works from past, present, & future artists working to create risqué images.  I felt that I should contribute to this collective world and offer the following images. I enjoy what I do and hope you will too!

    Some FAQs...

    Where did the "hotter" stuff go?    I've decided to move "hotter" images behind a Members' login page.  To be a Member you just need to be on the mailing list (no money involved).  To join send  a note to: 

    How long have you been doing this?  I've been drawing since I was a kid, and putting up this web page since 1996.

    Is anything for sale?  As they say, everything is for sale!  My CafePress store is now open selling T-shirts, mousepads, lunchboxes, tiles & all sorts of cool stuff.  Help support me and go buy something!    Commissions & custom work is welcomed it all starts with an e-mail to: 

    Why do you use a cement block or brick pattern as a background on most pages?  I like the simple graphic repeat, ability to make any color I want, and the idea that some of the best kink & weird ideas have been created by people working in their basements over the years!

    Are you male or female?   Yes

    What is the process for creating images?  As you can see on the site, there are several "techniques"  but overall I like to think of my art as a "distillation process".  I study art & fashion from all time periods and keep a sketch book of ideas.  Images start as pencil roughs with linework & shading. I work & rework these to "boil them down" to simple linework and ink them.  I scan the inkings in and add limited colour & texture for placement on these web pages.  For original art (not destined for the web) I use dyes,  watercolours, & prisma on board to bring images to life.

    What kind of hardware/software are you using?  A cheap & powerful Dell PC with CorelDraw as well as an expensive & powerful Mac with Photoshop &  Adobe Illustrator.  My "day job" keeps me hopping between systems.  I do not like the "computer generated" look some art can have and purposefully stay away from that...

    How often do you update these pages?  I try to add art at least monthly - but my Tumblr page is updated more often....

    Where does your name ("Lickorish") come from?  It refers to "Lickerish" and olde English term defined as:   1. Tempting or tempted by the appetite.  2. Eager to taste or enjoy; having a keen relish; greedy.   3. Addicted to or producing sensuality; lustful.   It is also an old family name and ancient reference to my favorite candy - black licorice!!

    Why no ads or pop-up sales pitches?  My purpose with these pages is to showcase my art - not to make a few pennies a day by annoying the heck out of people (my "day job" allows me to make money annoying people ;-)

    Will you put my (others') art on your page?  Not to be rude, but no.  These pages are created & maintained to showcase my art.  I'd be happy to share reciprocal links if our sites are complimentary - just send me an e-mail with your site address and we'll see what develops!

    Will you help me create a similar page or can I hire you to design/build/launch a web page for me?  Sorry, my time is so limited that I am no longer taking more web work. These pages as well as my current web clients are giving me more than 24 hours of web work each day!  I am shifting towards more illustration and less web work (besides, it is easy to create web pages and there are an infinite number of pages devoted to creating/hosting/promoting web pages).

    Your pages are too simple - lacking twirling, flaming, text & flipping, skipping, musical  flash  - whazzup?   I like to keep things simple.  All that stuff slows down the page load and creates more stuff for me to fix!  As close as I'll get is some animated GIFs.  I try to keep these pages accessible to the widest group of browsers and avoid using plug-ins or the latest gee-gaw.

    Hey, I can just copy these images & use them willy-nilly,  aren't you worried about that?  Yes  I worry about that,  but my answer is to keep the images on this site as low res JPGs & GIFs.  Please do not swipe these images.  If you want to use them in one of your projects,  simply contact me - I can provide a better quality image (i.e. no fuzzies!) and we'll work something out. Also, if you would like me to create illustrations for your specific projects please contact me.  Besides, stealing is bad Karma......

    Thank you for reading and enjoy the show! 



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    Please do not swipe this stuff.   If you want to use it just send me an e-mail.
    I can provide better quality stuff and am sure we can work out a deal.  Cheers mate!


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